Genshin Impact: All Inazuma Enemies, Ranked By Difficulty


With Genshin Impact’s update 2.0, the new region of Inazuma brought a plethora of interesting features. Quests that require cannons, new characters with never-before-seen abilities, and of course, a wide variety of new foes.

With the number of new enemies in Inazuma, players can expect a heavy increase in difficulty. New opponents are like nothing seen in either Mondstadt or Liyue, which both featured their own annoying foes. With new Electro-infusion in old enemies and new mechanics in recent ones, players should proceed with caution when they explore Inazuma. Of course, not all is lost; difficult Inazuman enemies can be beaten with a combination of determination and good planning.

Updated on January 11th, 2023 by Elara Leclair: Genshin Impact’s Inazuma expansion brought a variety of challenging enemies, including weekly boss domains, world bosses, and a new set of enemies that players will come across when exploring the Inazuma region. These enemies have a steeper curve for scaling their stats per level, resulting in higher stat values and making them more challenging to handle compared to enemies found in Mondstadt and Liyue. Even with the introduction of enemies from the Sumeru update in patch 3.0 and onwards, many of Inazuma’s enemies remain a challenge for players, as their mechanics often require a specific party composition and in-depth knowledge of the fight.

15/15 Electro-Infused Enemies

Like Mondstadt and Liyue before it, Inazuma hosts plenty of enemies with its representative element — Electro. These include hilichurls, lawachurls, abyss mages, whooperflowers and so on. Each of these comes with its own unique mechanic related to the element: lawachurls with electro beacons instead of mines, abyss mages with Electro shields, and samachurls with their new lightning strike mechanics.

Nonetheless, these are among the easiest of the new enemies to deal with. General knowledge about elemental reactions will serve players very well. When confronted with Electro defenses, using Pyro, Cryo, and Anemo attacks will break them the quickest. As for avoiding damage from Electro attacks, better shielding often brings better results than dodging.

14/15 Nobushi

It’s no surprise to the Genshin Impact community that the Edo Japan-influenced Inazuma region will have its own assortment of samurai opponents. The Nobushi is one of these new enemies, taking the form of ronin-like katana warriors with quick attacks. There are three different Nobushi indicated by their different colors, which will essentially attack differently and have different elemental powers.

There are two major things of note when it comes to Nobushi: one, their attacks come in patterns, and two, they are more sturdy than normal treasure hunters. On the latter, players should avoid using Anemo attacks for crowd control purposes; Nobushi will not be launched or sucked in by the Anemo Traveler or Jean’s talents. However, lucky for Genshin Impact players, their attacks consist of only a handful of patterns that are easy to remember after a few encounters.

13/15 Ruin Sentinels

Ruin Sentinels are the Inazuma addition to the menagerie of Ruin enemies found in Teyvat. These mechanical enemies come in a variety of shapes and sizes, with each one possessing a unique set of abilities and functions. They are commonly encountered in groups, with a wide variety of variants scattered throughout the region. They will also be present during the Perpetual Mechanical Array Boss fight.

These enemies, known as the Ruin Cruiser, Ruin Destroyer, Ruin Defender and Ruin Scout, may appear daunting at first, but their abilities and movesets can be easily countered. It is recommended that players group these monsters together and freeze them in order to take them down quickly. Be aware that these enemies won’t be knocked down and some may even dash backwards and attack if the player gets too close. With a little strategy, these enemies can be defeated with relative ease.

12/15 Specters

Originally dropped in Seirai Island’s release back in version 2.1, Specters proved to be fairly difficult when they were first released. Or, at least, Specters are fairly unique compared to other field opponents in Genshin Impact: small, difficult to spot, and above all else, they can fly.

In addition, Specters can belong to one of three elements: Anemo, Geo, or Hydro. While elemental sight will make it seem like this isn’t the case, Specters are immune to elements of their respective elements; players should be aware of this before initiating a fight with a Specter herd. Specters were also the first opponents to experiment with the Fury mechanic, in which too many attacks at a time will increase the strength of a Specter’s attacks.

That said, Specters aren’t the hardest of opponents to defeat, still qualifying as a basic opponent. Their health isn’t too extensive, and outside of exploding upon defeat, the Specter doesn’t have very many hidden tricks.

11/15 Mirror Maiden

The Mirror Maiden makes for a somewhat interesting inclusion to the Fatui ranks. With attacks similar to Cicin Mages in the past, the Mirror Maiden specializes in using Hydro attacks.

Players should especially beware of the Maiden’s trap attacks, stopping the character on the field from moving. While the trap itself does not damage the player, a massive attack follows it. They also tend to have a significant amount of HP, making it quite annoying to deal with. In addition, because the Mirror Maiden is often paired with Fatui and Abyss units, it can make for a lot of lost health from attacks that cannot be dodged.

10/15 Rifthounds

Exclusive to Tsurumi Island, Rifthounds aren’t the most common foe in Inazuma. However, their gimmick can leave a few Genshin Impact players in a pickle: Rifthounds can have two elemental resonances, either Geo or Electro, but their most difficult feature is the Corrosion effect.

This status can be found in both types of Rifthounds, whether an adult or the smaller Rifthound Whelp. Corrosion is a status effect that slowly eats away at the health of all teammates in the party, and will be put into effect whenever a Rifthound manages to hit the player. It is important to note that shields do not prevent Corrosion effect being applied, or the health drain as a result of it. Luckily, the effects of Corrosion can be offset with a good healer, and outside of Corrosion, Rifthounds don’t have a lot of special attacks.

9/15 Kairagi

Like the Nobushi, the Kairagi give off a more samurai-esque feeling than other opponents found in Inazuma. However, the evil spirits of fallen warriors in battle, the Kairagi offer a much higher standard of difficulty than the Nobushi.

While they offer the same pattern-like fighting style, the Kairagi are both harder to defeat defense-wise and higher damage-wise. Most notably, the Kairagi infuse their weapons with their respective element: either Pyro or Electro. To best fight, these types of opponents, quick feet, and an opposing element (like Hydro and Pyro characters, respectively) will make all the difference. If a Kairagi dies near to another Kairagi, they will enter an empowered state with enhanced abilities. They will become immune to any type of Crowd Control effects such as Frozen or Petrified and will regenerate 50% of their maximum HP.

Defeating both Kairagi at the same time or before the sword enhancement animation ends is highly recommended, as it will prevent them from entering their empowered mode.

8/15 Pyro Hypostasis

The Hypostasis may very well be the most infamous over-world boss in Genshin Impact. Each nation so far has had at least one, and with Inazuma, the Pyro Hypostasis was introduced. That said, despite featuring a massive learning curve, the Pyro Hypostasis isn’t the hardest boss in Inazuma.

Players looking to venture to Yashiori Island to face off against the Pyro Hypostasis should be advised that a Hydro-user will be necessary. That, or expect a very long and difficult battle. Especially during the Hypostasis’ regeneration phase, a Hydro character will easily destroy the boss’ beacons.

7/15 Hydro Hypostasis

The Hydro Hypostasis is located in the north of Watatsumi island, and for all intents and purposes, is mildly more difficult than its Pyro counterpart. While the Pyro Hypostasis doesn’t have a lot of attacks to memorize, the Hydro Hypostasis has plenty of attacks to spare: from dolphins to wave to every Genshin Impact player’s worst enemy, bubbles.

The key to defeating the Hydro Hypostasis comes down to destroying all of its water droplets. However, players should be aware that the water droplets are protected by a Hydro shield, that must be destroyed to end the fight. All elements outside of Hydro can be used to destroy these shields, however, Cryo, Pyro, and Electro characters are the most recommended. Cryo especially will benefit players fighting the Hydro Hypostasis, as the frozen reaction will help to stop movement.

6/15 Perpetual Mechanical Array

Compared to the Pyro or Hydro Hypostasis, the Perpetual Mechanical Array, players are able to use a wider variety of teams as the boss has no dominant element. But this also means that players will find themselves unable to use elemental dominance to pave their way to victory.

Rather, the secret to beating the Perpetual Mechanical Array comes with tactical prowess and patience. Players should especially beware of the Array’s defensive mode when it releases its Ruin Sentinels. At first, this phase can be overwhelming, but by targeting the highlighted Sentinels, players can end the phase early.

In addition, having a good healer will make the process much easier. Of the bosses in Inazuma, the Perpetual Mechanical Array excels the most at damage dealing between heavy hits and fast-paced action. As this boss can interrupt the active character quite often and will deal significant damage, using a character like Zhongli or Diona can be quite beneficial for the team composition.

5/15 Thunder Manifestation

The field boss found on (or more correctly above) Seirai Island, the Thunder Manifestation will send most Genshin Impact players packing if they aren’t prepared. Generally speaking, bow and catalyst users will have an easier time fighting the flying opponent which moves around quite often.

However, players should be aware that the Thunder Manifestation is a very fought opponent. The boss fight is divided into two stages: a regular stage and an enraged stage in which the Thunder Manifestation’s attacks will increase in damage scaling (bringing a healer along will make this stage much easier). The key to winning against the boss is simple; players will need to memorize its attacks to be able to avoid them and constantly be launching attacks in between them.

4/15 Maguu Kenki

Maguu Kenki, a robotic samurai-like boss on Yashiori Island, was originally teased during version 1.6. Making its reappearance during Inazuma’s initial release, Maguu Kenki may be one of the more difficult boss battles in Genshin Impact.

Using both Cryo and Anemo attacks, players are not advised to bring characters that apply elemental status to themselves, as this can be a recipe for swirl reactions against them. And to add additional fuel to the fire, Maguu Kenki is one of the fastest attacking bosses in Inazuma; dodging will be a very necessary skill to avoid the boss’s rapid-fire slash attacks. However, it is worth mentioning that Maguu Kenki does not imbue itself with Cryo or Anemo for long periods of time, allowing the player to use both elements against it.

An additional tip, automated skills will play heavily to the benefit of players looking to defeat Maguu Kenki with a big detection range such as Yae Miko’s turrets. All of these types of skills will target Maguu Kenki on their own, allowing players that have trouble dodging attack more leeway.

3/15 Golden Wolflord

The Golden Wolflord is essentially the World Boss version of the Rifthounds, possessing additional mechanics. It can float, making it a nuisance to deal with for melee characters until it lands. Bow or Catalyst characters can be of great help in this battle. Additionally, it applies Corrosion debuff similar to the Rifthounds, so having a healer like Barbara or Yaoyao in the team composition to heal the entire party at regular intervals is highly recommended.

One thing that separates Golden Wolflord from the smaller Rifthounds is the additional mechanic it brings when it loses around one-third of its HP: the summoning of three Rifthound Skulls. As long as any of these skulls remain, the boss will not be taking any damage, so players should focus on taking them out as quickly as possible. Geo is the most effective element against these skulls, so it is recommended to use a Geo character in the team who can deal reliable Geo Damage, such as Ningguang, Itto, or Zhongli. No matter the strength of the character, the number of hits they do is the most important factor in this stage of the fight, so even a character at level on can be brought in for this battle.

2/15 La Signora

Currently, La Signora is one of the two weekly boss fights found in Inazuma, located at Tenshukaku in Inazuma City. And unlike other boss fights in the past, La Signora brings a lot of unique mechanics to Genshin Impact’s combat system. For starters, players should be wary of La Signora’s fast pace, and strong Cryo and Pyro attacks.

On the other hand, the most unique part of La Signora’s fight is without a doubt the use of Sheer Cold and Blazing Heat. These two properties must be balanced to avoid slowly losing health over time. La Signora’s fight places Eyes of Frost and Hearts of Flame around the arena to regulate these properties.

That said, players will also have to avoid both Pyro and Cryo attacks. At the beginning of the fight, La Signora will use Cryo attacks. Later on, she will switch to using Pyro attacks flaming whip attacks, and fireballs. Because of the difficulty of the fight, players are advised to bring a very good healer, as dodging and activating shields may prove difficult during the fight.

1/15 Raiden Shogun

Alongside the La Signora Weekly Boss Battle, Raiden Shogun also has a Weekly Boss battle form that is significantly different in both looks and gameplay mechanics compared to her playable version. She can start the battle in either one of her two forms: sword or polearm, which will affect the attacks she will do in the first phase of the fight. Raiden Shogun is a formidable foe with fast melee attacks that players will need to dodge or, alternatively, it is recommended to bring a shield user to avoid taking excessive damage.

On the second phase of the Raiden Shogun fight, her Baleful Shadowlord form increases her damage output and resistance to all types of elemental damage while draining the energy of your characters. To defeat her, it is necessary to break her shield (shown by the purple bar below the HP bar). Pyro is very effective in breaking this shield.

Additionally, it is recommended to bring an Electro character to this battle, as one of her attacks will one shot the active character even with a shield active, unless the Flowers of Remembrance are destroyed to generate a special shield. Overall, the Raiden Shogun fight is considered to be the most difficult battle in the Inazuma region, as it requires a specific team composition in order to have a greater chance of success in this tough and lengthy battle.

Genshin Impact is available on mobile, PC, PS4, and PS5. A Switch version is also in development.

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