20 Most Breathtaking Locations In Genshin Impact


Genshin Impact is a free-to-play, open-world, action RPG gacha game released in September 2020 on PC, PS4, Android, and iOS. The player controls dozens of amazing characters throughout the game, which takes place in the breathtaking world of Teyvat. This continent is home to seven different nations that are all tied to a specific element: Mondstadt (Anemo), Liyue (Geo), Inazuma (Electro), Sumeru (Dendro), Fontaine (Hydro), Natlan (Pyro), and Snezhnaya (Cryo). Due to the diversity of regions, all inspired by different places in the world, Genshin Impact is full of beautiful locations for any setting players are looking for.

Updated on January 24, 2023, by Elara Leclair: On release, Genshin Impact only allowed the exploration of two regions: Mondstadt and Liyue. With the version 2.0 update, players were able to explore the stunning locations of Inazuma. With the ongoing version 3.0 update and beyond, Genshin Impact has been adding even more zones to explore in Sumeru. As Genshin Impact draws inspiration from the real world for its regions, each of these locations is based on different geographical locations, with Mondstadt being based on Germany, Liyue based on China, Inazuma based on Japan, and Sumeru based on the Middle East and South East Asia. This allows players to explore a wide range of geographical settings and architectural styles, providing them with a varied and immersive experience.

20 Windrise

«This plain bathes in an everlasting breeze. An ancient, monumental tree left behind by an ancient heroine speaks softly amidst the winds.»

Near Mondstadt in Galesong Hill is the place where Vennessa ascended to Celestia, Windrise. This is where she became a god, the Falcon of the West of the Four Winds. Now, at the center, a huge oak tree towers over the area and flows in the wind. At the base is a Statue of The Seven, protected by the tree’s shade.

19 Mondstadt City

«The wind will carry Dandelion Seeds, songs, and stories far afield, and it also guides gentle Travelers to its realm. Welcome to Mondstadt.»

For most players, Mondstadt has become their in-game home. The first place visited in the story, many fail to notice its natural beauty, with a cozy atmosphere both inside and viewed from afar. Filled to the brim with songs and familiar sounds, a walk down the stony streets makes for a serene experience. Not only that, but the city’s lights and buildings make for a beautiful sight from afar. Some of the best spots to view the city include:

  • The hills just to the south near the Whispering Woods
  • The Stormbearer Mountains
  • Stormterror’s Lair

18 Starsnatch Cliff

In Genshin Impact, each region has at least one location where every part of the country is viewable. For Mondstadt, these locations include Dragonspine, Cape Oath, and Starsnatch Cliff. While Cape Oath is very picturesque, Starsnatch Cliff has an experience unique all to itself.

For starters, walking up the cliff makes for an experience that quite literally cannot be replicated anywhere in the world; Starsnatch Cliff is the only location where Cecilia flowers grow, which complements the serene atmosphere very well. Finally, the top gives players the opportunity to start a secret achievement and a view of everything from Windrise to Mondstadt City.

17 Wangshu Inn

«The inn that stands at the southern end of Dihua Marsh seems to serve as something other than a resting place for guests. They say that Wangshu Inn is a haven for lovers’ moonlit rendezvous. Folk stories also have it that even ones as august as the Adepti sometimes bask in the moonlight here.»

South of Dihua Marsh in Qiongji Estuary in Liyue is Wangshu Inn, a landmark as well as a place for rest. It is run by Verr Goldet and Huai’an. Most who stay here are traveling merchants. From their rooms, they can see Mt. Qingce and Jueyunjian. Seriously, the views are insane.

16 Inazuma City

«The outskirts of Inazuma City exude a time-worn and leisurely atmosphere as you make your way up the old paths. It seems that the prosperity of the city has not influenced the scenery here. The power and grace of the Shogun can also be observed here, bringing a quiet and different kind of vitality.»

The geography archive’s description of Inazuma’s capital city does the location justice to an extent: the mix of beautiful cherry blossoms and sprawling buildings makes for a feeling of true awe. Walking through the many shops, like Yae Publishing and the Komore Teahouse, gives the bustling feeling of the city. Yet, with cherry blossoms riddling the streets, nature never feels too far away, making for the best of both worlds.

15 Dragonspine Mountain

«Everything was proceeding smoothly until the unexpected happened… If not for Sucrose, no-one would have known that Albedo is hiding a great secret — one that involves a mysterious unknown sword and a mountain entombed in ice for millennia…»

Dragonspine is a mountainous area south of Mondstadt. There is a constant blizzard raging here, and the snow never melts. It is considered one of the most dangerous places in Teyvat, containing killer cold temperatures and venomous, vicious monsters. Dragonspine is also where the dragons Durin and Dvalin battled and where the power of the Festering Desire sword lies.

14 Chinju Forest

«Legend has it that in the past, this sacred forest was once home to many demons. To this day, the legend of the «Hayashi of Tanuki» still surrounds this tranquil woodland.»

For a location of such devilish description, Chinju Forest is the most unique location on the main island of Inazuma. With bright, neon flowers and an almost daily night-time atmosphere, players can walk all day in the forest. Of course, from Inazuma City, the journey will grow more and more picturesque as Travelers journey on, finally ending at the beautiful Kamisato Estate.

13 Guyun Stone Forest

«The proud, lonely stone mountains here are said to have been the place where Rex Lapis subdued a great sea monster. They say that those sensitive of the heart can sometimes hear a strange, stirring rhythm emanating from deep within that oceanic abyss.»

In the Sea of Clouds in Liyue, the player will discover Guyun Stone Forest. An archipelago of several islands, including the one containing the Geo Hypostasis, the Guyun Stone Forest is a sight to behold and one every Genshin Impact player should seek out at their first opportunity. This is the type of beautiful place in Genshin that makes people wish they could directly teleport into the game to experience the sight directly. Guyun Stone Forest is also where Rex Lapis killed Osial, so it holds historical significance within this universe.

12 Liyue Harbor

«A prosperous port city where a thousand ships drop anchor. Under the aegis of countless contracts and regulations, innumerable goods change hands and grace the seven nations with their presence.»

The prime city in Liyue, Liyue Harbor, has a lot to offer travelers. There are the magical shops in Feiyun Slope, the lively nightlife in Chihu Rock, the rich mansions in Yujing Terrace, and more. As expected, the city only grows more stunning by night, viewed from afar for the best experience. Recommended viewing spots include both the cliffs to the north and south of the city.

11 Apam Woods

«There is no rain here, and yet it is the birthplace of rain. The purification of Vana rains begins ― and ends ― here.»

The lush forest area of Sumeru is truly breathtaking, and Apam Forest is the crown jewel of this region for that. Despite the Withering that may initially detract from its beauty, players can appreciate the mystically beautiful forest, especially after completing the Varuna Gatha quest. For a truly unique experience, players can even change the weather from sunny to rainy using the glowing tree in the middle of the forest — perfect for taking pictures in any setting.

10 The Dwelling In The Clouds

«Black clouds too shall pass, just as silver linings end. Come sun or rain, all seems the same from the heights of Jueyun Karst.»

There is a small floating island above the mountain Qingyun Peak, reached by solving a puzzle. If the player decides to take on the quest An Adeptal Summons, they will visit the Cloud Retainer and retrieve blueprints for her via this place, the Dwelling in the Clouds. (The Cloud Retainer is an Adeptus, which is a magical being or a god of Liyue. )

9 Sumeru City

«A lush green city that lies deep within the forest. It is known far and wide as Teyvat’s City of Wisdom.»

Sumeru City is a vibrant city full of exciting districts and points of interest, such as the Grand Bazaar, Zubayr Theater, Treasures Street, Akademiya, Sanctuary of Surasthana, and many more. With such a wide selection of places to explore, this city provides an amazing backdrop for photos.

8 Luhua Pool

«Legend has it that a deep, pure affection filled this ancient garden, creating the Luhua Pool as it is known today.»

At the Qiongji Estuary in Liyue, the player will find the Luhua Pool. It sits between the Bishui River and Mt. Tianheng, concealed and undisturbed. The water is full of minerals, so much so that it appears smooth and crystal clear.

7 Qingce Village

«Mighty Mt. Qingce gently cradles this peaceful village, silently protecting the old, the young, and the abundant croplands within its embrace. The legend of the ancient threat subdued beneath the mountain has been consigned to legend along with those who know of it, never again to return.»

The little town of Qingce Village rests in Bishui Plain in Liyue. It is a small village, full of mostly elderly folks and their grandchildren. The buildings are simply designed, mostly made of wood. There is a mill, a tea shop, and a market. Best of all though is Qingce Village’s terraces filled with lovely flowers.

6 Sangonomiya Shrine

«This is the center of government and religion alike on Watatsumi Island. Shells and skerries flank the palace in which lie the relics of the serpent god.»

Sangonomiya Shrine is the base of the resistance army led by Sangonomiya Kokomi, which opposed the Raiden Shogun’s Vision Hunt Decree. This place also serves as the entrance to Enkanomiya. At the center of it lies a beautiful pool that shines like a full moon, making the area even more picturesque. Sangonomiya Shrine has a beautiful pastel tone with bright colors, making it an ideal spot for taking stunning photographs.

5 Grand Narukami Shrine

«The Grand Narukami Shrine is located at the peak of Mt. Yougou and is the largest shrine in Inazuma, guarding the Sacred Sakura. It is the largest shrine in Inazuma and provides much-needed comfort and peace to the people of Inazuma in these unsettling times.»

Scaling Mt. Yougou in Inazuma gives off the same feeling that early players had scaling Jueyun Karst. The struggle of the journey up the long path, finally crossing the torii-filled track until the final destination of the great shrine of Inazuma. The Grand Narukami Shrine makes for one of the most peaceful locations in Genshin Impact so far, a bright and foggy oasis above the rough region below. For Inazuma, the Grand Narukami Shrine is the one location where the nation can be viewed in its entirety.

4 Tree of Dreams

«A mystic plant that grows in the heart of the forest. Seems to be sentient.»

Varanara may appear to be a small area within the large land of Sumeru, but it holds great significance in the game’s storyline. Not only does it have immense lore importance, but it also captivates players with its stunning beauty. Everywhere one looks, it appears as if they have stepped into a fairytale – complete with the adorable Aranaras.

After completing all of the major Aranara quests, players can also unlock the Tree of Dreams. It works in a similar way to the Sacred Sakura in Inazuma, allowing players to exchange Dendro Sigils gathered from exploring Sumeru for rewards. It is important to note that in dream state, Tree of Dreams is purple, while in normal state, it is green.

3 Huaguang Stone Forest

«These stone spires poke out of the clouds like great pavilions. Though this place is forbidden to mortal steps, such a beauteous sight is bound to attract the eyes of those who yearn for the sky, and for those who dwell in Adepti realms.»

There is an area in Minlin in Liyue surrounded by Mt. Aozang, Qingyun Peak, and Mt. Hulao called Huaguang Stone Forest. The translation for this place, in fact, is «Magnificent Light Forest.» This is an area that provides gorgeous views from nearly every point, even if there isn’t necessarily too much to see in this zone. Arrive at Huaguang Stone Forest when the sun sets and behold beauty.

2 The Mausoleum Of King Deshret

«The huge cone is like a supporting pillar between the high sky and the yellow sands that has stood in the middle of the desert since time immemorial. Standing in front of it, be you a commoner, a wealthy man, or a well-informed researcher, you shall feel that you are but a few grains of sand all the same.»

The desert area of Sumeru has been relatively newly introduced in version 3.1, offering a distinct geographical and architectural style with its pyramids, sand dunes, and underground ruins. The Mausoleum of King Deshret is one of the most impressive sites in the zone and a great spot for exploration and photography. It is certain to leave players in awe of its grandeur.

1 The Paradise of Eternal Peace

«Its leaves shall not be seized by autumn’s arms, and the circles of time shall not avail to subject its newborn spring-joy to the curse of years»

The Paradise of Eternal Peace is a zone locked behind Dirge of Bilqis, the main world quest line of version 3.4. To unlock it, players must first complete the Dune-Entombed Fecundity Part 3 quest before initiating The Eternal Dream, Ever Lush quest. When entering this zone, players will be astounded by its uniqueness and beauty compared to the rest of the desert.

The tranquil landscape and serene soundtrack of this area are truly breathtaking, creating a sense of peace and tranquility that will leave players in awe. The name of the area is befitting of its beauty, providing a perfect backdrop for relaxation and contemplation.

Genshin Impact is now available on Mobile, PC, PS4, and PS5. A Switch version is in development.

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